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Do children need root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy for children may be necessary when:

  • A tooth is damaged by accident or injury
  • A tooth has significant decay
  • A tooth has become infected
  • A tooth has abscessed
  • The loss of the tooth may cause speech issues, problems eating or loss of functionality to the jaws or tongue, and may negatively impact the development of jaw and facial structure

What are some signs that my child may need root canal therapy?

Your child’s pediatric dentist should evaluate first to see if endodontic treatment is necessary and if your child needs to see an endodontist. Following are some signs that your child may need a root canal:

  • Pain, discomfort or throbbing in the tooth
  • The tooth is sensitive to hot and cold
  • Bleeding or swelling around the tooth and gums
  • Pain in the tooth when biting down
  • Swelling in the face

If your child is experiencing any of the above symptoms on a tooth or teeth, we recommend you make an appointment with their pediatric dentist. Once determined that your child needs to see an endodontist, please see us at one of our three practices in Midtown East, Lower Manhattan and Central Park South for an examination to determine the cause of your child’s discomfort and receive a plan for treatment.

How is pediatric root canal therapy performed?

Dr. Lee uses state-of-the-art 3D scan and a Surgical Operating Microscope to diagnose and treat her patients at New York Endodontics Studio. Offering the best and most convenient care, Dr. Lee has this equipment in-house, eliminating the need to send her patients elsewhere.

Pediatric root canal therapy is a procedure that is used to treat dental pain and infection caused by an inflamed, infected, or dead nerve. This procedure repairs, and ideally, saves the tooth that is decayed or infected, preserving your child’s smile and confidence.

During a root canal procedure, your child’s endodontist, Dr. Jamie Y. Lee, will begin by explaining the process, what to expect, and answer any questions you or your child may have. The affected tooth is numbed with a local anesthetic making it a pain-free procedure. During the treatment, she will remove the inflamed or infected nerve and clean and seal the inside of the tooth. Without treatment, the tissue around the tooth may become infected possibly leading to the loss of your child’s tooth.

What is Vital Pulp Therapy?

Vital Pulp Therapy is an alternative to root canal therapy for immature adult teeth that are partially inflamed and infected. It is a procedure that removes a superficial layer of the infected or inflamed nerve tissue, preserving the healthy nerve tissue deeper in the roots.  This way, the tooth will continue to grow healthy while the infected tissue gets removed, preserving your child’s smile and oral health during their development.  This is a minimally invasive endodontic procedure performed on children as their teeth are still developing.

What is Regenerative Root Canal Treatment?

Differing from traditional root canal therapy which cleans and fills the roots with biocompatible materials to prevent tooth loss, Regenerative Endodontics replaces dead nerve tissue  with healthy tissue in the roots o promote the continued development of immature tooth not only to resolve the infection but also to restore form and function.

If your child’s pediatric dentist has advised you to seek endodontic care and your child has signs and symptoms listed above, book an APPOINTMENT at New York Endodontics Studio located in Midtown East, Lower Manhattan and Central Park South. You can also CALL US NOW.

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