Jamie Y. Lee, DDS, MS
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Dr. Jamie Y. Lee at New York Endodontics Studio brings a customized, patient-focused approach

New York Endodontics Studio is your NYC root canal specialist. Dr. Jamie Y. Lee and her caring team are dedicated to providing the very best treatment to relieve your pain and — whenever possible — preserve your beautiful natural smile.

Serving patients in Midtown Manhattan, the Financial District and Central Park South. New York Endodontics Studio brings a customized, patient-focused approach to each and every case. As a board-certified endodontist, Dr. Jamie Y. Lee and her team are uniquely qualified to assess, diagnose and treat both common and complex problems in the tooth root. Learn more about Dr. Lee’s specialized training in endodontics.

Your comfort is our top priority

Many patients think of root canals as painful procedures to be avoided, when in reality, root canal treatments often result in immediate pain relief. And Dr. Lee works to ensure every procedure is as painless as possible — many patients even fall asleep during treatment!

At New York Endodontics Studio and her team, you are in good hands before, during and after your procedure. At the initial consultation, Dr. Lee takes the time to fully understand your dental history, pain history and current situation. She creates a personalized treatment plan, explaining all of her recommendations, answering all of your questions, and helping you to feel relaxed and confident about your root canal.

Getting to know your tooth — up-close and personal

Dr. Lee recognizes that just like each patient she sees, each tooth she treats is unique with its own shape, structure and history. Her goal is to help patients maintain these beautiful natural teeth whenever possible.

Traditional x-rays only tell part of the story, so Dr. Lee uses 3D imaging to truly see your tooth from every angle and uncover the best way to treat the issue. During the root canal procedure, she uses a microscope to get a closer look at infections and damage to ensure your treatment is complete and effective.

Meeting patient needs across NYC

With locations near Wall Street, Central Park and Rockefeller Center, Dr. Jamie Y. Lee at New York Endodontics Studio provides root canal treatment where it’s most convenient to you!

From the moment you step off the busy NYC sidewalk and into Dr. Jamie Y. Lee at New York Endodontics Studio office, her staff will help you to feel relaxed and at ease. The team welcomes patients with care and compassion, providing individualized attention according to each patient’s priorities.